My Studio


March 18, 2013 by wildducks

My Studio,” a poem modelled after Raymond Carver’s, “My Boat.”

My studio is nearly complete. Right now it’s empty of people, but full of equipment.

I’ve been carting goods to it for a week now.

It has plenty of room in it for all my friends: Joel, Phil, Will, Sam, Theo, Joshua, Bastian, Billy, Bert, Tobi, Norbert, Èric, Christian, Tom, Kevin, Rick, Rodrigo and Patrick.

All my friends!

They know who they are. Sarah, of course, I wouldn’t play in a studio without her around. And of course Nadia, Susanna, Suzanne, Dianna, Liz, Cama, Anjelika, Anita, Ashley, Nahid, Adah, Monika, Nora, Reeda, and Wendy and Tom. They’re family, but also friends too and they like a song or two. There is room in my studio for just about everyone. I’m serious about this. There will be room for everyone’s songs. My own, but also the ones belonging to my friends. Short pop-songs and also the ones that drone on and on. The originals and the covers. The ones already finished and the ones still being written. Poems too! Lyric poems, and the longer, darker narratives. For my DJ friends, an adapter will be on hand to put on any music device with a 1/8th inch or 1/4 inch jack.  We’ll have snacks, sometimes homemade food, doughnuts, strombolis, pelmenid, chocolate confections. Every good thing that my friends like and I like. And a big crate of bottled water, in case anyone wants water. In case anyone wants to say he or she drank a bottled water in my studio. Whatever my friends want, name it, and it’ll be there. Beer of all kinds. Whisky and wine, sure. No one will be denied anything, in my studio. We’ll turn on the equipment and have fun, that’s the idea. Just have a good time all around. Not thinking about this or that or falling ahead or getting behind. Many instruments in case anyone wants to play something. The inspiration is here! We may even start a new project, in my studio. But nothing complicated, nothing too serious. The idea is simply to enjoy ourselves and not get overwhelmed. We’ll sing and drink and laugh a lot, in my studio. I’ve always wanted to have a nice time like this, with my friends, in my studio. If we want to listen to each other’s favorite songs, we can put on our mp3 devices. But if that doesn’t work out, okay, we’ll sing or hum our favorite songs to each other. Whatever makes my friends happy! Maybe everyone will have their own instrument in my studio. In any case, we’re going to have a big time. People are going to have fun, and do what they want to do, in my studio.



2 thoughts on “My Studio

  1. Suzanne says:

    I can’t wait to be in your studio!

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