Band of The Day – The Fall


March 12, 2013 by wildducks

I am not gonna front. I just found out about The Fall about a year ago. I had often heard the name, but no one ever played it for me or sent me any links, which is how I most often find out such things. They were just a band people mentioned, but no one ever sang or played really. People often reference them as being a major influence on Pavement and Malkmus’s infamous sprechgesang. Well-well, finally some erstwhile aquaintance had posted a Fall video on her blog and now I am happy to post it on mine. The song that I first heard was “Rebellious Jukebox” from Live at the Witch Trials, their first album.

The most recent Fall song I have heard is called “Big New Prinz.”

The Fall is new to me and I am happy to unearth some more gems, so If you want to try to guide me through this, I’d be thankful. Send me songs or links or titles or whatever.


2 thoughts on “Band of The Day – The Fall

  1. Nice track! Thanks for posting – will be great for the cubicle…

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