Lied des Tages – “Lieblingslied/Verunglückt”


February 28, 2013 by Skiing the band

Die Tödliche Doris – 1984 – “Lieblingslied/Verunglückt”

The English translation is more or less as follows:

“From outside it comes (blue)
only from behind (green)
it illuminates (red)
what’s behind the light
until deep in it.

It falls apart
and it sounds (blue)
from inside (white)
It illuminates (red)
the resounding circle
until deep in it.

The shadows fall
The pain changes the color
The void (blue)
which we breathe(yellow)
it illuminates (red)
in every color
until deep in it

It revolves
the room (white)
the noise collapses
It will expire
everything will expire
and cry (out)”

Next Wednesday, March 6th, in the year of the snake, Wolfgang Müller, one of the members of die Tödliche Doris (the deadly Doris), will be giving a lecture in Charlottenburg about Punk and underground culture in early 80’s West Berlin. He is promoting a book I think, creating or detailing some kind of correspondance between Art Nouveaux and Punk. You can read more about it here, in German!111901/.

I already like his assessment that he finds Gudrun Gut (of Malaria) and Tabea Blumenschein (also of Die Tödliche Doris) way more important than Nick Cave (he also haunted west Berlin in this era) because of their position as women in a male dominated, macho scene.  It isn’t often I hear another man say such things and thus it appears he challenges conventional notions of who and what is cool. He seems pretty awesome and I am looking forward to his lecture next week. Schlossstraße 1, 19.00…and it’s free!


One thought on “Lied des Tages – “Lieblingslied/Verunglückt”

  1. wildducks says:

    If anyone wants a transcript (in german) I have an MP3 I could send you. It was a rad talk. You should have been there. I was the youngest person in the room. Mostly geriatric punks. They might be old but I guarantee that their haircuts were wierder than yours. 🙂


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