“Time is” music video

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February 2, 2013 by wildducks

“Time is” comes from a recent installation I developed called “passing away,” which is about the impermant nature of people and our objects. I crafted an outfit out of newspapers, which have a definitive expiration date, and this is used to illustrate time’s control over our bodies as well as our minds. Everything leads ulitimately to a termination, a passing away of the material and a negation of its relevance, as the infinite time device ticks on, or at least seems to do so. Newspapers are immediate examples of this. Time is also something that is really maleable within time-based art (video/music), and I had a nice time playing with chronology in this piece.  And I made the clock out of wood and painted it with acrylic paint. If you like my work, please check out more of my art on my music site.



Music – http://thewildducks.bandcamp.com/


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