“Passing Away”

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January 26, 2013 by wildducks

“Passing Away” is an installation I developed yesterday. I say developed as opposed to completed, as I think completion is uninteresting and the opposite of what I want to say with this project. I will explain the project below, but first I will just describe the materials I used. I crafted the blouse and tie out of yesterday’s newspaper (Berliner Zeitung). I made the casket clock out of wood and used acrylic paint.P1080191 P1080192 P1080196 P1080200P1080198So what does a shirt made out of newspaper and a casket clock have to do with passing away, anyway? Newspapers have a definitive expiration date, which of course is controlled by the passing of time, and this device also effects people in a similar way, leading ulitimately to a termination, a passing away of the material and a negation of its relevance, as the infinitive time device seems to continue.

I also really like the absurd idea of wearing a newspaper and reading a shirt. I like playing with the authority of an everyday object, breeching the boundary of its accepted use. I would like to see more of this– I want to see the everyday from new angles.


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