“Novalis” Music Video

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January 20, 2013 by wildducks

Enjoy music and video from my project, The Wild Ducks. And find us on Bandcamp.com for more music—http://thewildducks.bandcamp.com/track/extras—


I recorded this this past week and weekend in Usedom. For the music, I used only my voice and seashore noises, with just a simple drum machine loop. The main idea came from recently reading Novalis’ The Novice of Sais, which is a treatise on consciousness, nature, and the human spirit. His fundamental argument proposes that striving for environmental conciousness, is the most noble quest that any “true friend of nature” must undertake. He expounds upon this, by listing 4 character traits that will lead one to unity within and without the true friend of nature (lands, plants, animals, and humanity) should be attentive, introspective, refined, and simple-hearted. I think this is a rather noble mantra and I have been asking myself to reflect on these qualities over the past week. And then I made this video, which is more or less a question to Novalis, if he were alive today, how would he percieve the divide between man and the rest of nature?

I filmed it myself on the beach and in the forests in the town of Kölpinsee. Cheers!


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