January 1, 2013 by wildducks

As you may or may not know, (or care, f.u. too!), I spend a lot of time in a small Brandenburg village, surrounded by quiet fields in pine forest clearings, in a small house with no internet, no TV, and no phone. How ever do I pass the time you might be asking?

By building miniature wooden-houses, duh!


Among other things.

Getting anything done with these pervasive distractions, which have become de rigueur as of late, is nearly impossible. Boredom, misunderstood and scarce these days, but which has been in abundance in my life, makes excellent kindling for art, and so, that’s what I’ve been up to.

So why houses? A house is a basic necessity, while being also unique. It is filled with a specific person or group and their stuff. It can be any size and has the most basic of parameters; walls, a floor, and commonly a roof, a place for sleeping and eating, perhaps they’re the same even. A house is a protection against whatever is not the house (nature, someone else’s house, empty space…). People fill their houses with a myriad of both universal and unique materials and the house is an existing symbol of human dualism, homogeneity and individuality.

I remember when I was little, I used to draw these towns filled with multi-colored houses, peaked roofs, one behind the other as far as the eye could see. I hung them up around my room or used them as back drops when I played with dolls. I imagined who lived in each house, how each one had a unique story, and how the people in this house interacted with the people in that house, and how that group of houses interacted with that other group hanging up on the wall. It was all an insightful foray into civilization. Houses are objects, but perhaps the most human objects of all…and are easy to make.

So let’s build a house!

You will need:

  • Wood planks, 2 or 3 X 100
  • Hobby, Wood Glue
  • Industrial Box Cutters
  • A strong Scalpel
  • Hobby Saws
  • Acrylic Paint, Brush, etc…
  • Ruler, protractor

Start at the start, with an idea, make a diagram, and begin. Cut slices to make all the walls and roof.


P1070702Then proceed to make cuts through the wood with your box cutter, saw, or scalpel in the shapes of windows and doors.

P1070707P1070708Then select your colors you’d like and start painting.

P1070710 P1070711Then, I made the designs for the fachwerk component of my house. This house will be a little German timber-framed, or Fachwerk, house typical of inexpensive architecture constructed before 1900.P1070714 P1070716

The roof part was to be shingled and this part took the longest, as each shingle, requires an amount of time to paint each edge and underside, and then gluing each piece carefully on. Put on some nice music and sing along, it isn’t supposed to go quickly, remember!

P1070717 P1070718 P1070723

Wait for everything to dry, then start glueing the house together piece by piece. I used a really good Hobby glue that dries quickly, but not too quickly, just experiment. P1070721 P1070722So, then carefully attach the roof, after all is dry of course. This part takes a steady hand. If you’re tired already, wait til the next day. In fact, this project is best spaced out over a few days. P1070724

and voila! presto! etc… all done, and you have a house. And I have a house. And it’s part of this little neighborhood I am building. P1070916


5 thoughts on “Bauhaus/Hausbau

  1. Christine Reynolds says:

    Very creative! :o)

  2. Tobi says:

    You make a little foursquare block of air,
    Quiet and light and warm, in spite of all
    The illimitable dark and cold and storm,

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