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December 16, 2012 by wildducks

Snow in Brandenburg is a capricious phenomenon and it is rare these days that enough falls to allow for cross-country skiing, but it did this week as temperatures were well below zero. Cold wind in from Russia + humidity seeping in from the Atlantic = One glückliche Wanderer on skiis. I headed out and covered about 20k in two days, a nice, relaxed pace. Packed little  Dr. Suess-esque lunches, e.g. boiled eggs, a ham sandwich with pickles. Programmed the Bats complete discrography on my walkman and on repeat, as this is certainly the best ever cross-country skiing music, i.e. bouncy, sprightly, melodic, quirky, reflective. Anyway, off I went into the forests around my house on the Friday, while yesterday I went into Nonnenfließ, a nature reserve near my house. Here is a video with some music I made. It shows 4 different persepectives while cross-country skiing. Sorry, it doesn’t show my “technique,” as my friend seemed a bit dissapointed, it’s meant only to show my movement through the forest.


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